• Jane Snookes

We are not alone

After a busy few weeks, I took this morning for some time to have fun and get a change of scene. Where better to go than showing my young horse the beautiful British countryside?

Horses are fight or flight animals, and just like us, they can get very anxious. They can learn this from bad treatment, being scared by an incident or from copying other horses or people who they see as their leader. How similar to us does that sound?

I am my horses' leader and she trusts me. So between me and her pony brother (ridden by an equally calm friend), we showed her how to be as relaxed as possible even when there were new and "scary" things to learn about. Fun was had by all and she was ready to go round again. Next time she will respond calmly because of that positive experience.

Do you know what causes your anxiety? Do you know how to deal with negative feelings? Do you want to make changes to cope better with situations? Do you want to be the relaxed person in the group or house?

I can help you make these changes. Please call or message me for a chat. Jane

Horse riding in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside
A morning out

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