• Jane Snookes

Anyone else?

Feeling a bit cooped up? Tense? Just want to a bit of space?

Just head over to my Time out! page and join me on a journey in my guided visualisation video. Visualisation has been shown to help you relax, gain focus and step away from stress and strain allowing you to regain your calm and control. Both videos are less than ten minutes long making them practical for repeated use to get really good at it. You are unlikely to experience the walks like a film but rather you'll see snatches of your beach or countryside or just feel yourself there, remember the breeze on your face or the smell of fresh air. This is fine and will build with each visit you make.

As well as the guided visualisation, I have also included a simple breathing video you can use to gain instant calm and become grounded.

Head to my new Time out! page to join me in a calming breathing session and

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