Panic Attacks

I completely agreed, panic attacks are horrible. The good news is there is a lot that can be done to provide relief, even stop them and help you learn to cope if you are unfortunate enough to experience them. Let me explain a bit more about them and how I can help.

What are they?

A panic attack is when your body experiences a rush of intense adrenaline causing mental and physical symptoms. It can come on very quickly and for no apparent reason.  A panic attack can be very frightening and distressing.


Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?:

  • a racing heartbeat

  • feeling faint

  • sweating

  • nausea

  • chest pain

  • shortness of breath

  • trembling

  • hot flushes

  • chills

  • shaky limbs

  • a choking sensation

  • dizziness

  • numbness or pins and needles

  • dry mouth

  • a need to go to the toilet

  • ringing in your ears

  • a feeling of dread or a fear of dying

  • a churning stomach

  • a tingling in your fingers

  • feeling like you're not connected to your body


Most panic attacks last for between 5 and 20 minutes though they can last up to an hour. Some people have attacks once or twice a month, while others have them several times a week.  Although panic attacks are frightening, they're not dangerous. An attack won't cause you any physical harm, and it's unlikely that you'll be admitted to hospital if you have one.  However, they can be very limiting and prevent you living life to the full. 

How I can help you

We will start with a full case history of where and when they started. You may be fully aware of what sets them off or have no idea but this information guides how we proceed with therapy. Often they are triggered from associations such as, being in a certain place or thinking about a situation. These triggers come from the unconscious mind responding how it thinks it should, hence why the trigger is repeated. Hypnotherapy gets to the heart of the cause and allows us to negotiate a healthier response meaning situation triggers relaxed feelings rather than panic We also re-train your conscious reactions to allow you to remain mindful and fully in control. It's an empowering feeling. 


It may all sound simple, and often it is less complicated than you may think. I have worked with many people suffering with panic attacks and had a high success rate. Please, contact me and let's get you feeling more like yourself.