Anxiety and Stress

Feeling exhausted, lacking focus, tense and irritable? Sound familiar? Or maybe your heart often races for no apparent reason and your head always seem to hurt? These are classic signs of stress and anxiety. 


Did you know stress and anxiety are different? Stress is a reaction to a specific event or trigger such as exams, organising events and grief. Of course, it can be useful when it helps get an assignment finished on time or to give you extra energy while giving a presentation.  It tends to be short term and normal service is resumed once the trigger had gone.

Anxiety is a reaction to the stress causing feelings of worry and nervousness where an initial trigger is hard to pinpoint and can feel irrational. Anxiety is driven from the fear of these emotions and constant anticipation of them.  The sensations can be life limiting as situations are avoided and debilitating on health such as phobias and panic attacks.  It is estimated anxiety affects 1 in 4 people in the UK.

I have successfully worked with so many clients with stress and anxiety. While the initial cause is not always obvious it can keep feeding stress until it begins to affect our health. Hypnotherapy is so wonderfully good at calming the system and changing perspectives to stop these events continually causing issues.

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